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Rethinking đź’ˇ Digital đź’ˇ Transformation

Chapter One: Rethinking Digital Transformation: “Everyone is Doing It” and Other Bad Reasons for Cloud Moves, June 28th, 12PM CDT.  Presenter: Paul Taylor, Gideon Taylor CEO

When starting a digital transformation, it is best to know why you’re doing it. Is moving to the Cloud a means to an end, or an end in itself? Are you trying to impact the bottom line, improve the user experience, or both? As the industry learns real-world lessons about re-platforming in the Cloud era, you’d better have your priorities straight.

Chapter Two: A.I. is suddenly everywhere! What is the fuss and where can I get value? July 20th, 1PM CDT. Presenter: Andrew Bediz, IntraSee Managing Director

In an era driven by digital innovation, the current business landscape is witnessing a significant revolution with the emergence of A.I. chatbots. This webinar explores the current market for A.I. enterprise-class chatbots, focusing on their unprecedented potential to enhance the experiences of employees, managers, applicants, retirees and more.

Chapter Three: Accelerating PeopleSoft Innovation in Higher Ed – Top Schools Share Their Success Stories August 23, 12PM CDT. Presenter: Scott Antin, VP of Development (with guests from UC Berkeley, NDUS, & RIT)

How did schools like UC Berkeley, Rochester Institute of Technology, and North Dakota University System implement high impact eForms projects? How did they address custom needs when many are saying “just go vanilla”? All three schools hit this out of the park with their eForms projects. Learn first-hand how they did it, and how you can too!

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