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For two decades, Gideon Taylor has been helping organizations revolutionize their PeopleSoft systems and their business processes. Our services and solutions have fundamentally changed the way they work, removing technology barriers and dramatically increasing efficiency.

Our vision is to help our clients work Simply, Effectively, Efficiently and Flexibly. You’ll hear us refer to it simply as S.E.E.F., but it’s a big part of how we measure the success of your project.

Strategic Assessment

Whether it’s reviewing the full breadth of a particular PeopleSoft application suite, diving into the weeds of a specific module, or creatively exploring ways to extend intuitive self-service, we can help you envision a system that delivers more functionality, a richer user experience, higher efficiency, and a greater return on your PeopleSoft investment.

We believe in challenging the ‘but-we’ve-always-done-it-this-way’ perception by asking the right questions, identifying ways in which a business process itself can be improved before defining an approach to automation. By employing unique, process-driven methodologies and mindful design, we go beyond merely applying technology. We help you review, redesign and re-invigorate business processes, radically improving HOW you do WHAT you do – more easily, more effectively, more efficiently.

Solution Design

For many organizations, successful process automation is an unfulfilled promise. Simply automating a process through the use of an electronic form or custom self-service application doesn’t inherently make it faster, better or more efficient. With each project, our consulting team focuses on clearly understanding the requirements of a process, efficiently automating the associated actions and workflow, and helping to manage the impact those changes can have on an organization.

Focusing on radical process efficiency and custom automation demands that our consultants and trainers are specialists in a wide variety of PeopleSoft-based workflow and automation tools.

  • GT eForms
  • PeopleSoft Forms & Approval Builder
  • Page & Field Configurator
  • Drop Zones
  • Custom Fluid Development
  • Event Mapping
  • Activity Guides
  • Page Composer
  • Approval Framework
  • Fluid Approvals

Knowing the capabilities of each of these and keeping current with the latest PeopleSoft features and tools, we can explore best-of-breed approaches to meet your unique challenges. Our emphasis on ‘mindful automation’ puts process efficiency and the user experience front and center, allowing us to focus on creating the most efficient, automated process possible without being constrained by the technology.

Custom Solution Development

We firmly believe in leveraging as much configuration-based capability as possible, but sometimes business requirements demand that we go beyond configuration. At Gideon Taylor, custom application development is a core competency.

Our technical analysts are truly developers; they regularly build whole applications using PeopleTools. In addition to standard PeopleSoft skill sets, our technical resources are masters of specialized PeopleSoft technologies including Fluid, Application Classes, Integration Broker, Component Interface, Business Interlinks, iScripts, Java and JavaScript extensions, and XML Publisher.

Our focus on the complete business process lifecycle requires the efficient flow of data and work not only within PeopleSoft applications, but often across disparate systems outside of PeopleSoft. The demands of these integrated solutions require our consultants to also be proficient in true system integration technologies including:

  • Integration Broker configuration
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Application Messaging
  • Web Services
  • SOAP
  • XSLT Transformation and Translation
  • Component Interfaces
  • Business Interlinks
  • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Enterprise Portal Content Management

Solution Services

Sometimes, you just need some specific expertise or another pair of knowledgeable hands. Regardless how large or small your requirement may be, Gideon Taylor is here to support you.

We can help with that tight turnaround of a custom development project; creating a component interface for your new bolt-on; or even diving into the weeds to troubleshoot a customization you built twenty years ago that no one can even remember anymore. We’re here to help.

Staff Augmentation

You may have a great team, but it’s inevitable that someone, sometime is going to be out on leave, or a new project may need some additional talent. When those moments arise, give us a call.

In addition to our PeopleSoft expertise, we have experience across a wide range of technologies and business systems. Team GT is happy to help where you need us!

Upgrades / PUM Updates

Staying current on your PeopleSoft maintenance helps you get the most out of your investment, and entrusting that to Gideon Taylor makes sound business sense. We’ve helped PeopleSoft customers upgrade their applications and PeopleTools for years including ongoing release management and PUM updates.

Because of our emphasis on cutting-edge automation, our solutions and services require our team to be up-to-speed on the latest advances within PeopleSoft. If you have questions about a new release, give us a call. We’re happy to help you evaluate both the impact and the opportunities and define an adoption strategy that meets your objectives.

Demodify / Isolate Customizations

Interested in better performance, greater configurability, and lower maintenance costs? Removing modifications from your system and replacing ‘customizations’ with ‘configuration’ can be a great place to start.

With Oracle continuing to introduce new functionality and valuable tools like Drop Zones, Event Mapping, and Page & Field Configurator, you have more options than ever to eliminate costly modifications and streamline maintenance. We can help you explore the possibilities – reviewing existing mods and customizations, evaluating options available with delivered functionality and tools, and quantifying the impact.

Looking to go vanilla without sacrificing productivity? We can help you get there.

Software Quality Assurance

Our clients use a variety of software systems that are continually being developed and released to production. Whether it’s PeopleSoft, another commercial application, or a custom solution you’ve created in-house, Gideon Taylor can work closely with your project team (Operations Analysts, Developers, Project Managers, etc.) to plan, execute, and manage testing initiatives to ensure bug-free applications within tight deadlines.

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