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GT eForms™ for

Financial and Supply Chain Management

Whether it’s confirming a budget, paying an invoice, or approving an expense, GT eForms™ for PeopleSoft enables you to fully automate business processes based on your requirements, helping you standardize processes, enforce business rules, and ensure data accuracy from start to finish.

Empower your business analysts to create intelligent, intuitive electronic forms and self-service applications for corporate users, individual business units, and even external vendors. Here are a few examples:

  • Project Requests

  • Chartfield Maintenance

  • Item Master Updates

  • Journal Vouchers

  • Expense Reimbursements

  • Vendor Add/Update

  • Grant Effort Reporting

  • Invoice Processing

GT eForm Library™

Gideon Taylor’s GT eForms™ helps you work smarter, faster, more efficiently – providing seamless automation...

GT eForms™ for PeopleSoft Financials & Supply Chain Management (Download PDF)

Whether it's requesting new account codes, submitting chart field changes, or routing and editing invoices...

eForms in Action

Click below to see examples of powerful, dynamic solutions built with GT eForms for Financial & Supply Chain Management.

Grant Time & Effort Reporting

Mileage Reporting & Reimbursement

Revolutionary Results

The results of efficient, effective automation can be transformative. Find out what our customers have achieved below to truly revolutionize their finance operations.

The University of Maryland, Baltimore

How many expense forms can be generated by an organization with only 3,000 employees?...

University of South Carolina

For the University of South Carolina Controller’s Office, their investment in eForms automation is delivering valuable payback with faster turnaround, fewer errors, and lower operating costs...

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