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Frequently Asked Questions

Does GT eForms require specific PeopleSoft or PeopleTools versions?

To take full advantage of GT eForms and Fluid, we recommend PeopleSoft 9.2 and PeopleTools 8.56 or higher. GT eForms can be installed, however, on PeopleSoft 9.0 and PeopleTools 8.55.

Can GT eForms integrate with non-PeopleSoft applications?

Absolutely! As a PeopleTools-based bolt-on, GT eForms solutions can be integrated with non-PeopleSoft applications and data sources in the same way as traditional PeopleSoft applications. Examples of existing integrations include OnBase, Perceptive Content, Banner, PeopleAdmin, Taleo, and DHS’ E-Verify service.

What’s involved in implementing GT eForms?

We are typically able to complete the remote installation and validation of the GT eForm framework in your PeopleSoft development environment in just a few hours. We then provide instructions to enable your team to migrate the GT eForms framework to other PeopleSoft environments (e.g. test, production, etc.).

Following the one week of GT eForms training, creating specific eForm solutions with the framework is entirely dependent on your unique business requirements. Implementing eForm solutions can take as little as a few minutes to many weeks or months depending on the complexity of your processes. We’re always available to talk through what the relative level of effort may be for any process you may be looking to automate.

What happens when I upgrade PeopleTools or apply new PUM images?

Since GT eForms is a PeopleSoft bolt-on, it’s rarely impacted by PeopleSoft upgrades. We recommend testing your eForm solutions to make sure that they are operating as expected. If a patch or fix is required to accommodate a change that Oracle has instituted, we will make that available to our clients for download. Frequently, we will integrate new PeopleTools or PUM enhancements into the GT eForms framework and eForm solutions (e.g. Fluid, Fluid Approvals, Activity Guides, Acknowledgement Framework, etc.).

Can GT eForms be integrated with Activity Guides?

Yes. As a matter of fact, using configurable eForm pages is a great way to incorporate custom Fluid actions within your Activity Guide process.