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eForms in Action

The flexibility of the GT eForms tool enables organizations to create workflow-enabled, PeopleSoft-based forms and self-service solutions to automate any business process. Click on the images below to explore examples of eForms with varying degrees of complexity.

GT eForms can start simple, configuring fields on a page, adding some basic pre-population, and setting up conditional behavior to easily and efficiently walk a user through completion of the form. Each example below was created in less than an hour by a business analyst…no technical skills required!

As form requirements become more complex, the GT eForms tool keeps pace. The form samples below take advantage of additional configurable logic, conditional behavior, and data validations. They also incorporate component interfaces to automatically update PeopleSoft once the form action has received final approval.

Regardless of how challenging your business requirements may be, GT eForms delivers. Taking it to the next level, these forms feature third-party integrations, complex calculations and validations, and extensive use of conditional logic. Each shows how GT eForms can provide an intuitive and efficient user experience for even the most complex processes.

Gideon Taylor “How-To” Videos

Explore the videos below to see just how easy it can be to configure custom PeopleSoft-based forms with pre-population, dynamic behavior, conditional routing, and more.

For more videos on GT eForms™, PeopleTools topics, and PeopleSoft-based solutions:

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