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Wakefern Food Corporation first implemented GT eForms™ for PeopleSoft almost twenty years ago, and has used the tool to create dozens of PeopleSoft-based eForms to automate processes including personnel actions, leave processing, benefits enrollment, customer incidents and performance reviews. Processing more than 10,000 job change actions each week, Wakefern knows the benefits of eForms and are unique leaders in HR automation.

A cooperative of over 300 stores operating in 9 states under the ShopRite and PriceRite brands, Wakefern has a centralized PeopleSoft HR/Payroll system that processes weekly paychecks for over 67,000 employees.

In 2003, Wakefern commissioned Gideon Taylor to create the first version of GT eForms™ to replace a custom third-party solution they were using to execute personnel actions. Gideon Taylor created the GT eForms™ framework and a Termination eForm, and trained Wakefern staff. Since then, Wakefern has used the GT eForms™ tool to build dozens of additional eForm solutions internally, including:

  • Award Nominations
  • Direct Deposit
  • Payroll Deductions
  • Dependent/Beneficiary Add/Change
  • Benefit Enrollment/Change
  • Customer Incident
  • Leave Processing
  • Payroll Daily Adjustment Form
  • Performance Reviews
  • Salary Budget
  • Terminate Employee
  • W-4

“Our investment in the eForms strategy has paid off dramatically for us. Using Gideon Taylor’s technology and training, we have been able to automate many high-volume business processes for our stores. Whenever we can increase our service offering to our members, we win – using eForms, we have won big.” – Vice President, Wakefern Communication and Information Systems Division

“Implementing GT eForms™ was a home run for our organization. We were able to decentralize PeopleSoft maintenance and greatly reduce the manpower required to process payroll. We were able to eliminate faxes, emails and phone calls, and replace them with an efficient workflow.” – Wakefern Lead Developer.

Expanding on the successful partnership between Wakefern and Gideon Taylor, the company engaged Gideon Taylor to perform a comprehensive review of its use of the PeopleSoft HCM applications and GT eForms in early 2020. The functionality assessment resulted in a range of recommendations to improve system performance and extend functionality. These included the retirement of customizations and modifications that had accumulated over the years, adopting new HCM and PeopleTools functionality, and expanding the use of GT eForms to augment delivered PeopleSoft capabilities.


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