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Gideon Taylor Consulting, LLC and IntraSee, Inc. announced today that Gideon Taylor has acquired IntraSee, an enterprise UX and conversational AI pioneer. The acquisition includes Ida Artificial Intelligence, Inc. and the most powerful AI-driven digital assistant for the enterprise, Ida. The IntraSee team of artificial intelligence and UX innovators will help Gideon Taylor bring unprecedented usability to enterprise application suites like PeopleSoft and Oracle Fusion Cloud.

“Gideon Taylor has always been about extending the reach and relevance of enterprise systems, replacing manual data collection and approval processes with smart, workflow-enabled eForm applications that guide users through easy interactions with the system,” said Paul Taylor, President and CEO of Gideon Taylor. “Now with the AI wizardry of the IntraSee team, we can actually give the enterprise system a voice. Chatting with Ida as an employee or student is so amazing; you just keep finding more things Ida knows how to do for you. This is what chatbots were always meant to be. Ida is going to build a whole new level of connection between organizations and the people they serve.”

Read the complete press release here.

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