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Effective April 4, 2021, Gideon Taylor is proud to announce our merger with Newbury Consulting Group and the creation of our new division, Newbury Enterprise Services.

Newbury Enterprise Services, a division of Gideon Taylor, offers a full array of PeopleSoft consulting, hosting, and managed services for clients worldwide, as well as an established robotic process automation practice featuring UiPath services and solutions. The merger enables Gideon Taylor to provide a growing portfolio of services to the PeopleSoft market.

Transform paper forms, email requests, and manual processes into dynamic, workflow-enabled, PeopleSoft-based self-service. With GT eForms™ for PeopleSoft, it’s easier than you think.

Revolutionary Results

Reimagine PeopleSoft

GT eForms™

GT eForms™ provides a powerful PeopleSoft-based framework and robust toolset for creating custom self-service applications and workflow-enabled electronic forms...

Human Capital Management

When you think of all the business processes associated with an employee’s lifecycle...

Finance & Supply Chain

For finance operations, numbers are a big deal...

Campus Solutions

Student enrollment and onboarding, cancellations and withdrawals, course and curriculum changes...

If every company delivered the way Gideon Taylor does, we in HR would have more time and money to do those projects on our wish list. If you have a need to make your work processes more efficient and effective, you owe it to yourself and to your organization to talk with Gideon Taylor.


What’s New At Gideon Taylor?

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