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This is an official announcement that GT eForms™ 3.58.00 is now available for download.

GT eForms 3.58 is jam-packed with exciting new features. A primary objective for GT eForms has been to empower business analysts to automate business processes using robust, dynamic, and workflow-enabled forms. GT eForms 3.58 pushes the line of what business analysts can do using configuration much farther. Several requirements that could only be satisfied by a developer writing code or creating views can now be done with configuration. An exciting example is the ability to configure validations(!) that guide users to provide valid data. On top of that, validation error messages can be surfaced right next to the fields and segments where end users need to resolve issues. Where coding is required, this release continues pushing down the path of making development efficient, intuitive, reusable, and maintainable to meet complex business requirements.

Here are just a few of the many updates included in this release:

Main Feature Summary

eForm Requirement With 3.58 Before 3.58


Validate form data when changing a field, leaving a page, or submitting a form

Configuration: Add error messages, conditional logic using Visual Ifs, and validation triggers.

Ask a developer to write PeopleCode


Display validation error messages to users

Error messages can either show:

On-page, meaning the fields/segments are highlighted in red and the error messages shows next to the field or segment they pertain to

In a single pop-up with all the errors combined

A pop-up for each error


Pull data into an eForm

Configuration: You can now create a PeopleSoft Query and use it in your Data Pool to pull data into the eForm. For regular table/view records, you can now filter data using non-key fields and modify the SQL the Data Pool use.

If an existing table/view doesn’t exist for the data need, ask a developer to create a new View to use in the Data Pool.


Populate an eForm grid with data

Configuration: Use a Data Pool Query or Record source to populate grid fields or an entire grid with data when the user starts a form or when the user makes changes on the form.

Ask a developer to write PeopleCode


Return a value based on conditional logic

Configuration: Anywhere a SmartSource can be used in the GT eForms configuration (a lot of places), a new LogicStack SmartSource can be configured and used. A LogicStack SmartSource is a stack of values and Visual Ifs that calculate which value to return.

Ask a developer to write PeopleCode


Change a button label show or which buttons show

Configuration: Specify labels for buttons and which buttons show using Visual Ifs

Ask a developer to write PeopleCode


Create a dropdown with custom values and/or custom sorting

Configuration: Create a Value List with values, descriptions, and the order they should show in a dropdown

Values: Create a new field and translates or ask a developer to create a new table for the values

Sorting: Ask a developer to write PeopleCode


Show Attachments, Comments, or the AWE Visualizer on an earlier page of the eForm

Configuration: Specify which page Attachment, Comments, or the AWE Visualizer should show using a Visual If. Additional new Visual Ifs are available to require a comment on a page or to expand/collapse the comment segment.

Ask a developer to write PeopleCode


Add a workflow robot approver that automatically approves an eForm

Configuration: Specify conditional logic in a Visual If that tells a robot approver to take a specific action on a form transaction (approve, deny, resubmit, withdraw).

Ask a developer to write PeopleCode

Note to current GT clients: Features 1-8 are available for eForms that use the new 3.50 Helium engine. (The “Use Helium Performance” checkbox is checked on the General tab of Form Setup)

For Current GT Clients Only:

Release Notes 

The release notes for the new version can be found on our support portal for current GT clients, GT Customer Self Service under Latest Release Notes inside our Microsoft Teams. If for any reason you are a current GT client but do not have access to the documentation, please click this link to GT Solution Services to request access.


The Feature Release upgrade package for current GT clients can be found in the Online GT Library under Framework Updates.


If you a current GT client but are not currently using version GT eForms 3.50.XX, you will need to upgrade to version 3.50.00 prior to installing version 3.58.00. GT eForms 3.50.00 is also available in the Online GT Library.

Please contact GT Help Center if you have any questions.

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