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Chatbots and Digital Assistants are robots that can communicate with people via live chat and various messaging platforms.  According to CNBC Report of chatbot statistics, this technology will help organizations save more than $8 billion in 2022.  Chatbots are not new, but their capabilities are expanding, and artificial intelligence is making them more human-like.  As the chatbot becomes more conversational, answers more questions using a wider variety of knowledge sources, and provides a more personalized experience – they “evolve” to digital assistants. This evolution can be seen today with Ida, IntraSee’s digital assistant.

IntraSee, a division of Gideon Taylor, has been leading the way with true AI powered digital assistants leveraging enterprise-level Oracle Cloud technology. Ida is purpose-built to work with Oracle, PeopleSoft, service desk systems, Microsoft Teams, Canvas, and much more. Ida can save your organization 95% over traditional user support mechanisms.

Curious to find out more? Pick our brains!  We would be happy to just discuss with you where your company is now and where it wants to go and share insights and best practices with you.

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