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University of South Carolina Improves Finance Processes with eForm Automation

By June 15, 2018January 23rd, 2023No Comments

COLUMBIA, SC – The University of South Carolina recently kicked off its implementation of GT eForms to enhance finance operations. The first two solutions will feature automation of journal voucher and chartfield maintenance processes.

The Journal Voucher eForm will enable users to change the distribution of an accounts payable transaction.  When a user initiates a change, the form will prepopulate with the current distribution from the selected voucher and allow the user to make modifications.  Edit rules ensure that only valid chartfields are used and that the transaction nets to zero.  When approved, the form generates the Express Voucher transaction that reverses the old distribution and applies the charges to the new distribution.

The Chartfield Maintenance eForm will enable department users to request new chartfields or updates to existing ones, including the ability to:

  • Create new departments and associate them with the applicable fund(s)
  • Create a new fund and associate them with the applicable department(s)
  • Change existing chartfield combination
  • Inactivate an existing chartfield combination

Upon final approval, the form will update PeopleSoft tables by inserting the new data.

The Journal Voucher and Chartfield Maintenance eForms will significantly improve what had previously been paper-based manual processes, ensuring faster turnaround, greater accuracy and process compliance.

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