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Tennessee Automates PeopleSoft Position Adds and Changes with eForms

By March 1, 2018January 23rd, 2023No Comments

NASHVILLE, TN – The State of Tennessee recently launched its latest GT eForms solution, Electronic Position Change Requests (ePCR), to automate the process of requesting new positions and updating existing ones within PeopleSoft.

Prior to ePCR, the State of Tennessee’s processes for initiating, approving, and executing requests for position change requests relied on a number of paper-based business processes that were outdated and cumbersome. The final entry of those transactions into PeopleSoft was managed by a customized solution, but the processes themselves required paper forms and written justifications from the departments and agencies in order to be approved by the Department of Human Resources.

When the State engaged Gideon Taylor to help design a new automated solution, the wish lists from HR and the departments were already apparent. Having implemented electronic forms for personnel actions, benefits enrollment, employee acknowledgements, and other processes, the State was already very familiar with the kinds of benefits they wanted from a new electronic Position Change Request solution: end-to-end automation, ease-of-use, auditable approvals, tracking, reporting, dynamic error correction, efficient processing, time savings, etc.

With the help of Gideon Taylor, the State was able to combine three paper forms and their existing electronic custom solution into a single, intelligent eForm using GT eForms for PeopleSoft. The form allows users to efficiently and accurately create, modify, and inactivate positions within PeopleSoft. A single form is used throughout the entire process, from request to execution. The ability to clone existing positions was included as well as the ability to transfer positions from one department to another.

Additional features that were built into the State’s ePCR solution included:

  • restricted ad hoc routing (enabling approvers to ONLY insert an additional approver immediately following their approval step)
  • mid-level recycling (sending a form back to a particular step for changes or edits)
  • required attachments (requiring the user to attach documentation at a certain step before proceeding)

“We are pleased to continue forms automation for our business process owners with ePCR and look forward to increased business benefits,” stated Chris Harmon, IT Manager – HR/Recruiting/ELM for the State of Tennessee.

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