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A common request we hear from those building Fluid forms with our GT eForms product is, “How can I get a prompt popup in Fluid to show the search fields by default?” Oracle Support has an enhancement request for this (Doc ID 2331840.1) that was submitted in 2015 but as of Oct 2019 it hasn’t been resolved.

Good news! We’ve found two solutions for this:

  1. Use Event Mapping (recommended)
  2. Customize the PT_PROMPTPAGE page to make that section default to expanded

Event Mapping Solution

We recommend using Event Mapping so no delivered objects are customized in the process. Here are the steps to make all the prompts for a specific Fluid component open with search criteria section expanded. The example provided will enable this behavior for prompts on any Fluid GT eForms that are built using our GT eForms Framework.

In Application Designer

    1. Create or identify an Application Package to use (use any name you prefer)
    2. Insert a new class (use any name you prefer)

    1. Paste this code in the class:
        import PT_RCF:ServiceInterface;

        class FluidPrompt implements PT_RCF:ServiceInterface
           method execute();

        method execute
           /+ Extends/implements PT_RCF:ServiceInterface.execute +/
           /* Extends/implements PT_RCF:ServiceInterface.execute */

           PTLAYOUT.SEARCHR_GROUPBOX5.DataAreaCollapsed = False;

In the PIA

    1. Navigate to Root > PeopleTools > Portal > Related Content Service > Define Related Content Service
      1. Click Add a New Value
      1. Enter a Service ID (use any name you prefer)
      2. Enter in a Service Name and the target Application Package, Path, and Class (from step 1 and 2)

      1. Enter any other Related Content Service properties as necessary
      2. Click Save
    2. Navigate to Root > PeopleTools > Portal > Related Content Service > Manage Related Content Service
      1. Click on the “Event Mapping” page tab


    1. Test the prompts on the component

Page Customization Solution

In Application Designer

    1. Open this page: PT_PROMPTPAGE
    2. Double-click on the “Search Criteria” groupbox:

    1. On the Use tab, check the “Default Initial View to Expanded State” checkbox

    1. Save the page
    2. Test the prompts on the component

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