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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) & Gideon Taylor PureRed: A Winning Team

Gideon Taylor now offers a service called PureRed Hosting, where we will host your full stack PeopleSoft environment using Oracle Cloud infrastructure that’s available in over 40 regions around the world. We take care of all maintenance, patching, day-to-day operations, and much more. We keep clients current with everything and even offer our own monitoring solutions. How do we do all of this? In a word, automation. We’ve taken the time to build and develop and evolve our own automation tooling, using industry best practices so that we can get all of this done very efficiently.

For example, we recently partnered with Brigham Young University-Hawaii to move their PeopleSoft Campus Solutions environments from an expensive on-site arrangement to an OCI solution.

BYU-Hawaii Case Study

● PureRed includes the following offerings:

● Full stack PeopleSoft hosting at Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

● Migrate your existing PeopleSoft system to OCI

● Optional GT PureRed architecture to get even more performance for your users

● Multiple connectivity methods are available to ensure your PeopleSoft solution is secure

● GT leverages automation tooling such as ansible, terraform and puppet to ensure all managed environments are highly efficient

● GT proprietary monitoring solution keeps an eye on your PeopleSoft environment

● GT keeps your PeopleSoft systems up to date with our KeepCurrent offering

● GT applies CPUs, PUMs and Tools updates on an agreed upon schedule

● GT also provides general OCI Architecture consulting and migration assistance if you aren’t ready for us to take over the management of your PeopleSoft systems

Have other non-PeopleSoft workloads that you would like to move to the Cloud?  Let us help you migrate those workloads up to OCI too! We have multiple OCI certified staff that are ready to talk about moving any workload up to Oracle’s powerful Cloud.

Oftentimes when someone talks about moving to the Cloud there are understandable concerns about cost, downtime, complexity, risk, etc. We get that. Another benefit of working with Gideon Taylor is our ability to handle your mundane PS tasks like patching, PUM updates, and more with our “Keep Current” service if you’re not quite ready to move to the Cloud but still want some of the benefits found in OCI.

We’re ready to help you resolve your challenging managed services issues. Just give us a call or schedule a personalized demo with one of our OCI experts and we’ll explore whether collaborating with Gideon Taylor is the right step for you.