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Benefits Enrollment eForm Boosts Productivity by 700%

With the help of Gideon Taylor, the State of Tennessee created a new Benefits Enrollment eForm for their non-payroll population. The result? A whopping 700% increase in productivity!

The State of Tennessee’s Benefits Administration (BA) office administers a customer service center that serves over 300,000 state, higher education, and local government employees. The State uses PeopleSoft’s eBenefits self-service to enable benefits selections for its direct employees but had relied on a custom solution to allow retirees and ‘non-payroll’ employees to enroll in benefits. Each year, this custom solution processed approximately 34,000 enrollment and change actions, with over 40% of those requiring correction or additional documentation, many that couldn’t be completed with the initial request, and hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on help desk services to support password resets and questions arising from these once-a-year actions. Each Benefits Coordinator in the BA office could process an average of 35 forms per day.

The new Benefits Enrollment eForm has changed all of that through intelligent automation. Having previously automated personnel actions with GT eForms™, the State designed the benefits enrollment process to automatically trigger from a completed Hire eForm. When approvals are complete, the Hire eForm creates the Job Data record to hire the employee, which in turn triggers the on-demand event maintenance process in PeopleSoft to determine the benefits plan for which the new hire is eligible.  After the event maintenance is completed, it auto-generates the enrollment form with the benefits plans that are available for the employee.  The Benefits Coordinator completes the enrollment form and on final approval the form populates the information into the on demand event maintenance tables and processes the enrollment.  

With pre-population, built-in edits and validations, automated workflow, and direct integration with the State’s core benefits system, the impact of the new eForm solution has been transformational, resulting in far fewer calls to the helpdesk and much faster enrollment processing. Now, those 35 forms that used to take a Benefits Coordinator the entire day to process can be handled within the first hour. With a 700% boost in productivity, imagine what you’d be able to do with all of those newly-available hours!

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