Bloomsburg University Carver Hall

Bloomsburg University in Bloomsburg, PA started their eForms journey in November 2015 with the new release of GT eForms 3.0. Excited about the configuration capabilities built into the new GT eForms release, Bloomsburg started in quickly implementing new self-service solutions to benefit students, faculty, and staff.

Over more than four years, Bloomsburg has implemented a wide range of self-service eForms within their PeopleSoft Campus Solutions applications:

  • Pass/Fail
  • Request an Incomplete Grade
  • Request a Grade Change
  • Graduation Application (Undergrad)
  • Graduation Application (Graduate)
  • Prior Approval for Transfer Credit
  • Petition for Exception
  • Certification Application
  • Master Schedule Add a Course
  • Authorization to Add a Course
  • Authorization to Delete Course
  • Change a Major or Minor
  • Student FERPA Form
  • Financial aid attachments
  • 509 Internship Form
  • Master Schedule Update/Cancel Course

With a total enrollment of over 8,900 undergraduate and graduate students, Bloomsburg’s Registrar Office has seen the greatest impact from eForms automation. In 2019, the University processed thousands of forms, eliminating paper forms and dramatically reducing the amount of effort required in completing, approving, and entering form-based transactions.

Bloomsburg Registrar Joseph Kissell spearheaded the project with the intention of streamlining time-consuming paper processes via electronic forms. The addition of a component interface to automatically perform some transactions added to the success of the project.

Deb Becker, Degree Audit Coordinator and Electronic Forms Lead, estimates that eForms have enabled them to reduce the work effort by more than 60% across all transactions. “GT eForms has made these actions much easier for the students. On the backend, it’s taken a lot of the manual work out of the equation for us and we’re able to focus on other initiatives that allow us to better serve the campus community.”

Next up? Bloomsburg is working on Individualized Instruction and Independent Study forms for the upcoming school year. They’ve also been using the GT eForms tool to rapidly create eForms to respond to unique requirements caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, including their new Spring 2020 Pass/Fail form to allow students to request changes to a class’ grading basis.

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