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OU Health Sciences Center Creates New Fluid Self-Service for Students

By May 15, 2019January 23rd, 2023No Comments

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – The University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC) is getting ready to deploy two new eForms that they’ve created for Student Self-Service. OUHSC has been a big eForms user within their PeopleSoft HCM system for many years, but these new student forms will be their first for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions.

The first of the two forms is a simple Emergency Loan eForm that students will be able to access via their Student Center. The Emergency Loan is a quick eForm that can be completed in less than 2 minutes. The student’s ID number is automatically populated on the eForm. Then the student is prompted to complete their preferred contact information, the reason for the loan, and the requested loan amount. Once the student clicks SUBMIT, the eForm automatically routes to the Financial Aid office, sending an email notification for the staff to confirm the student’s eligibility and approve. The form then routes to the Bursar’s Office with an email notification to process the loan for the student.

Due to limited staff availability, OUHSC was only able to work on the form an average of 1 hour per week over several months. In total, it took less than 4 days of effort for them to create 90% of the Emergency Loan form using the configuration features of GT eForms. OUHSC added two technical extensions to the form: a field edit to prevent students from requesting a loan over $2,000, and the removal of the ”Save” option so students would not have a queue of unfinished eForms. The focus of the Emergency Loan form was to create a simple form, make it available to students, and enhance it going forward to add additional logic and edits to enable the form to automatically process payment if the student is eligible. Even as a “simple” form, the Emergency Loan form accomplishes the University’s immediate goal of creating an online process with electronic entry, automated workflow, and notifications.

Along with the Emergency Loan form, the University has also been creating a Grade Change eForm to enable an instructor to request a change to a student’s posted grade. The Grade Change eForm will allow instructors, or assigned delegates, to search for a class during a specific term and select the appropriate student from that class. The eForm displays the student’s grade and allows the instructor to enter a new grade. Once it’s submitted, the form determines the necessary workflow based on who submitted the form. If the initiator was a delegate, the form will first route to the instructor to confirm the grade change. In cases where the instructor does not have a PeopleSoft login, the form will intelligently route to appropriate department staff who will email the instructor for an email confirmation. The department staff will then attach the instructor’s email confirmation to the form, which will then automatically route for any additional required approvals before automatically updating the grade in the system.

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