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New Release of GT eForms™ 3.1 – The Fastest Way to Fluid!

By September 10, 2017January 23rd, 2023No Comments

Gideon Taylor recently launched GT eForms™ 3.1, and it’s jam-packed with goodness. Leveraging PeopleSoft’s native Fluid UI, and introducing such features as configurable Search setupuniversal defaults, and conditional attachments, the latest GT eForms™ gives you more control than ever in designing solutions that deliver EXACTLY what you need.

    • Fluid forms – This is the one that we’re MOST excited about. Looking for responsive design, device independence, and full mobility? Generating native Fluid forms is now as easy as flipping a switch within the configuration. It’s never been faster and easier to create intuitive, MOBILE, custom self-service solutions.


    • Configurable Search – New configuration pages have been added to the framework to allow you to define and order the fields that show up in the search criteria and the search results. Customize your search with general fields or any field from your search records and forms.


    • Initialize from a constant – Ever have a field that you want to have default to the same static value every time the form opens? You now have the option to configure this on the field setup screens.


  • Conditional attachments – You can now configure forms to conditionally display an attachments segment, as well as require your users to attach certain documents under certain conditions. It’s one more way that GT eForms™ enables you to enforce whatever requirements your business processes demand.

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