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Living Our Corporate ValuesHere at Gideon Taylor, we take pride in our corporate culture. At the executive level, we seek to make decisions that are in line with our core values, which are at the heart of our corporate culture. Whether we are looking at hiring a new team member, working with an unhappy client, selling to a new prospect, or anything in between, our goal is to ensure we are upholding our core values which are, Build, Grow, and Serve. Here’s what these values mean at GT:

BUILD – Families, Relationships, Security. We build families by allowing individuals to provide an income for their family which in turn builds security. We build relationships in our interactions at the company level as well as with our clients.

GROW – Professionally, Personally, Interpersonally. We believe it is vital to encourage our employees to grow professionally. While we never push an individual beyond what they personally desire, we do strive to push our employees to the next level. In addition to our commitment to professional growth, we never want to lose sight of our employees as individuals. Our desire is to have a personal relationship with each of our team members, in which we can encourage not only their professional growth but also their personal growth. In order for GT to work as a team, we have to encourage interpersonal growth. We want our employees to feel comfortable working with each other as well as with our clients.

SERVE – Clients, Each Other, Ourselves, The World. At the most basic level, having a job allows an individual to serve one’s self. However, we hope to serve far beyond ourselves. We always want to do what’s right by our customers. When issues arise we go out of our way to find an agreeable resolution. As a company we care about our own. We feel that our focus on interpersonal growth and relationships fosters an environment that allows us to serve each other. By serving ourselves, our clients, and each other, we feel like we are serving the world.

Not only do we stand by these values internally, we desire to take these values to “The World” with each project we undertake. If you’re looking to Build, Grow, and Serve your organization, GT can help!

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