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GT eForm Library™

PeopleSoft Campus Solutions

GT eForms™ helps you work smarter, faster, more efficiently. Whether it’s managing grade change requests, making changes to the course catalog, or preparing for accreditation reviews, GT eForms™ can help you get there. Here are some examples of intelligent, automated eForm solutions that colleges and universities have created over the years:

Student Withdrawal

Automates the process of a student withdrawing from the institution prior to or during term

Changes to Career / Program / Plan

Automates the process for students to request changes to their CPP stack, including change of major, minor, concentration, specialization, and other information.

Course and Curriculum Management

Enables faculty to create and manage courses, schedules, and programs, including ability to request, edit, approve and system update

Grade Change Request

Initiated by faculty member to change grades for students in their classes after final grades have been posted

Transfer Credit Approvals

Allows a student to request a credit transfer from another institution.

Master Course Schedule

Enables term scheduling of classes across all schools and departments.

Emergency Loan Application

Student request for an emergency loan. Includes validations and logic to enable form to auto-process loan acceptance and payout.

College Scholarship Application

Used by students to apply for college scholarships

Concurrent Enrollment

Enables non-matriculated students to submit requests for class addition

Special Enrollment Petition

Enables students to go on filing fee status to reduce tuition while they finish a dissertation

Petition for Exception

Request to substitute another course for a required course toward General Ed or Major/Minor requirements

Veterans Intake

Allows a student to indicate their veteran status

Readmissions Application

Initiated by student to apply for readmission. Form automatically routes for necessary approvals and updates the student’s records in PeopleSoft once approved

Room Request

Enables enrollment managers to request changes to general assignment classrooms

Academic Record Change

Enables student to add/drop/withdraw from class

State Bar Examination Form

Track where and when graduating students intend to take their Bar Exams.

Personal Data Form

Enable student to update personal data

Application to Graduate

Enables student to submit application to graduate

Graduate Committee Selection

Enables student to select and manage faculty members for their committees for qualifying exams and dissertations

Graduate Student Hire

Automates the process for hiring graduate students

Graduate Re-Enrollment

Staff can complete on behalf of students who are no longer active at the university and are intending on becoming active again.

Graduate Petition for Exception

Automates multiple common exception requests for graduate students. Includes ability for staff to add new request types when necessary.

Graduate Plan of Study

Used for graduate student to request a change to his/her academic plan

Graduate Health Insurance

Used for grad students to accept/decline health insurance

Thesis and Dissertation Release Option

Initiated by graduate student to authorize a thesis or dissertation to be made available for review or research

E-Degree Certification Description

Used by faculty advisor to validate that each candidate for graduation has met graduation requirements

Non-Tuition Fee Request eForm

Manages the approval process for non-tuition-based fees for courses

Faculty Promotion & Tenure

Used for faculty members to submit their application and dossier for promotion or tenure

Faculty Qualifications – Teaching Certification

Review and certification of each faculty member’s teaching qualifications

Travel Fellowship Application

Initiated by the graduate student to apply for travel fellowship. Includes meeting times, presentations.

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