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Getting the Most Out of PeopleSoft: Are You Tapping Your Village?

I’m always impressed with organizations and individuals that choose to actively share knowledge. It might be in the form of a watercooler discussion with a group of peers, or attending a global conference with thousands of attendees. They’re putting forth the effort to seek and share knowledge. Whether it’s attending a session, delivering a presentation, or participating in a discussion, that sharing of information can provide valuable input on how you choose to use PeopleSoft, and the degree to which it can benefit your organization.

What resources do you use to expand your knowledge of what PeopleSoft has to offer? How do you learn about the successes (and challenges) of other organizations using PeopleSoft?

There are some talented thought leaders out there that actively share their knowledge: participating in online forums, posting articles, and even recording YouTube videos. Learning is an active process, and one that relies equally on knowledgeable folks to share their experience, and interested learners to seek it. We all have the ability to be both. Find opportunities to share your knowledge, and learn from the experience that others offer. I’ve never quoted Bill Nye, the Science Guy, but he aptly observed, “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.”

For those of us that were involved in the PeopleSoft ecosphere in 2004, we said a wistful goodbye to a great institution, PeopleSoft Connect. Each year, the Connect conference brought PeopleSoft users from all industries, all geographies, to share their experience and strive to improve their use of the software and the software itself. That final year of the annual user conference drew close to 15,000 attendees, and then merged in 2005 to become part of the juggernaut that is Oracle OpenWorld.

In the years since the last Connect conference, many opportunities have emerged to allow PeopleSoft users to gain and share knowledge, including websites, blogs, webinars, and online user communities (Quest International Users Group, HEUG). As for conferences, PeopleSoft users have a wide array of PeopleSoft-centric conferences to choose from, including RECONNECT (all industries), Alliance (higher education and public sector), regional Alliance/HEUG conferences, and regional user group events. Additionally, there are broader industry and vendor conferences that include a sizable PeopleSoft presence: Collaborate, OHUG, HR Tech, and of course OpenWorld.

If you haven’t participated in one of these conferences recently, check them out. Each one offers a wealth of knowledge. Participate in the online forums, whether through Quest, IT Toolbox, or other sites. Network with other users in your area and your industry. Tap your village. You have everything to gain.

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