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Electronic forms are becoming a key part of our lives.   If you go to the doctor’s office, apply for a loan, or purchase something on Amazon you are filling out electronic forms.  As this becomes an accepted practice in our daily lives the current and future employee’s of your organization are going to expect the convenience of electronic forms to provide the information they need to supply.

Only a few years ago future employees would go into a central office and fill out a paper application that was then routed manually to hiring managers.  Now the application is done online and electronically routed to the hiring managers who can review and manage the hiring process electronically.

When this new hire begins their employment with your organization, are they presented with a pile of paper to complete? Or are they provided with a guided electronic process that guides them through the process?  On-Boarding an employee using manual forms can take hours and create lots of frustration for the new hire.  Consider creating electronic forms to manage this process.  Electronic forms allow the new employee the ability to complete the information easily and are a more dependable system.  Electronic forms can have edits and required fields that ensure complete and even more important legible data.

Other areas that can be made more efficient by using electronic forms is policy-acknowledgements, enrollment into benefits, and maintaining contact information.  By making these electronic you can monitor and report on compliance.

Gone are the days where employees could claim that they don’t have access to the Internet or don’t know how to use a computer because the majority have access and use it daily.  This acceptance of  the electronic age has made paper documents a thing of the past and electronic forms the future of your organization.

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