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About Gideon Taylor Consulting

Seeing how little of the promise of ERP systems was being realized in practice, Gideon Taylor began championing the high-end productivity technologies of PeopleTools, including workflow, component interfaces and application messaging (web services). In 2003, we received a contract from Wakefern Food Corporation (NJ) to help them redesign their personnel action workflow. GT eForms was developed as a concept at Wakefern—a bolt-on PeopleTools application that would allow the company to replace paper with on-line transactions that had the ability to follow the organization’s actual flow of work. Wakefern has gone on to use GT eForms to create dozens of workflow-enabled electronic forms and self-service applications, automating actions ranging from personnel actions to benefits enrollment to performance evaluations. eForms automation has truly transformed how Wakefern works, efficiently and accurately processing over 10,000 job change actions every week.

Reimagining PeopleSoft

We’ve come a long way since that first generation of GT eForms. Our clients continue to push the envelope of custom process automation, using GT eForms to create innovative, PeopleSoft-based solutions for expense reimbursement, compensation, time and attendance, security and identity management, recruiting, student transactions, curriculum management, grants applications, payment processing, voucher generation, project requests, delegation management and much more.

GT eForms has enabled them to not only create powerful custom Fluid solutions from scratch, but also optimize the user experience for delivered PeopleSoft pages. Using GT eForms, they’ve designed efficient pages that simplify and streamline data entry, putting everything the user needs on one responsive page and dynamically showing them only the fields necessary to complete their task.

Today, hundreds of thousands of users benefit from GT solutions every day without even realizing it. Countless hours and innumerable dollars have been saved, and as a result, our clients are working smarter, faster and more efficiently than ever before.