For more than a decade, Gideon Taylor has been helping organizations drive significantly greater value from their PeopleSoft investments. In an industry primarily focused on ERP upgrade and implementation projects, we’ve chosen a uniquely different path:

To help our clients revolutionize business processes through innovative automation strategies, integration and custom development expertise, and electronic forms technology.

We focus on efficiency projects, targeting specific business processes for radical gains in efficiency and effectiveness. Our services and methodologies are designed to meet one overarching goal: complete business process efficiency.

  • Analysis and Design
  • Development
  • Integration
  • Training
  • Support
  • Project Management



Analysis and Design


As a PeopleTools-based bolt-on, the GT eForms™ toolset provides the freedom and flexibility to build solutions that deliver the best possible user experience. Simple…Effective…Efficient…Flexible.

Process automation projects, particularly those that impact a wide audience of users with varied roles, reporting structures and business requirements can be uniquely challenging. Clearly understanding the requirements of a process, efficiently automating those actions, and helping organizations manage that change are key skills that our team brings to each project. Gideon Taylor business analysts are adept in whole application design, testing and training, and in the art of consensus-building among stakeholders – a skill that is critical for rapid acceptance of new applications.

We can help you make the most of your GT eForms™ solutions, including functions specifically designed to improve efficiency, eliminate errors, increase throughput and deliver the best possible user experience:

  • Restrict valid values to dynamically present users with choices relevant to the action they’ve selected, the data they’ve input, the department in which they work or any other criteria.
  • Use system edits, custom edits and conditional form messages to eliminate errors.
  • Conditionally hide or display fields, sections or entire pages based on user input, selected action, department, role or other criteria.
  • Automatically initiate alerts and notifications.
  • Configure routing logic to automate complex approval processes.
  • Automatically update PeopleSoft and other data sources upon completion.


  • The Gideon Taylor Approach (PDF)





Custom development within PeopleSoft is one of our core competencies. While many technical resources in the PeopleSoft industry write reports and batch processes and occasionally modify the application, our technical staff are truly developers; they regularly build whole applications using PeopleTools.

In addition to standard PeopleSoft skill sets, our technical resources are masters of specialized PeopleSoft technologies, including Application Classes, Integration Broker, Component Interface, iScripts, Java and JavaScript extensions, and XML Publisher.







One of the greatest opportunities with process automation is the ability to integrate multiple technologies and systems to create a seamless, automated business process from end to end.

As a SOA-based solution, GT eForms™ is frequently used to integrate with non-PeopleSoft datastores, including LDAP directories, third-party applications and services, imaging and document management systems, and internal legacy datastores.

Specializing in business process automation requires that our consultants be experts in integration technologies. That expertise includes PeopleSoft-based tools such as Integration Broker and Component Interfaces, but the diversity of our projects often requires us to flex our experience with a wide variety of industry-standard integration technologies, including Web Services, XML-based technologies and many other integration methodologies.







Our overarching goal is to create lasting and growing value for our clients. A leading measurement of that value is the ability of internal resources to develop additional solutions and enhance existing solutions using our technology.

Training your resources is an integral part of our project structure. Our projects enable team members to learn through a variety of methods, including classroom instruction, training documentation, knowledge transfer and active project participation. Each organization’s initial project is typically structured to allow client resources to benefit from shadowing, mentoring and shared project tasks, designed to introduce and reinforce strategies and skills for creating effective and efficient electronic forms and applications.

Additional training resources are available to extend proficiency with GT eForms™ design and development, including online courses and certifications.








Your support needs can come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s assistance with troubleshooting, design, development, testing or training, we’ve got you covered.

Our optional annual maintenance plans keep you up-to-date on the latest updates and enhancements for GT eForms™. Priority access and guaranteed response times ensure you get the services you need when uptime is critical.

While we’re happy to help you with whatever your request may be, we’ve designed our solutions to enable you do to do as much as possible on your own. Tools and configuration tables within GT eForms™ allows functional staff members to diagnose and solve problems without escalating to a technical team member. Similarly, technical resources have access to tools and code that enable them to troubleshoot and resolve most issues without escalating to Gideon Taylor staff. Most services that are required in the normal course of operating the GT eForms™ applications can be performed by your in-house resources.




Project Management


With a reputation built on delivering efficiency, effective project management is a critical component of each of our projects.

Working with organizations to re-engineer and efficiently automate entire business processes requires leadership and a methodology that is both consistent and fluid. There’s rarely just one right answer, and new ideas on how to improve a process can frequently be introduced mid-stream. The Gideon Taylor Solution Delivery Manager takes responsibility to strike that balance between exploring options and keeping budget and timeline on track. It’s a tightrope that we walk every day.

Our Solution Delivery Manager ensures project deliverables are on schedule and within budget while meeting your expectations. We lead the effort to identify potential obstacles, remove roadblocks and keep the team focused on completion. Throughout the project, we keep you supplied with the most current data needed so you can make informed decisions. Whether the engagement is five weeks or five months, the Solution Delivery Manager works with you to clearly define, communicate and ultimately achieve the measurements for project success.