GT eForms


GT eForms™ provides a powerful PeopleSoft-based framework and robust toolset for creating custom self-service applications and workflow-enabled electronic forms, where business analysts can configure and control the business process flow in setup tables, with minimal or no technical intervention. GT eForms™ allows for completely adaptable approval steps (workflow); configurable, step-based page navigation (pageflow); email and worklist management; home page management and seamless integration into delivered PeopleSoft components.

As PeopleTools-based bolt-ons, GT eForms™ applications reside in PeopleSoft and use native PeopleTools technology, including workflow, security, application messaging, integration broker and component interface. This allows native access to PeopleSoft data, valid values and processes, leveraging your existing PeopleSoft investment.

Oracle's built-in PeopleSoft Forms and Approval Builder (PS Forms) can build simplistic forms, but it simply wasn't intended for robust applications. PS Forms cannot deliver the flexibility, security, and power that GT eForms™ 3.0 provides.

GT eForms™ also insulates your PeopleSoft system from excessive customization. By creating a separate application layer, GT eForms™ application objects don’t impact your PeopleSoft upgrades and ongoing maintenance. By moving the customizations out of the delivered system and into the bolt-on layer, maintenance is reduced and upgrades are simplified – all while accommodating the unique requirements of your business process in the most efficient way possible.



  • Introducing GT eForms™ (PDF)
  • Oracle Validated Integration Datasheet - GT eForms™ 3.0 and PeopleSoft Enterprise 9.2 (PDF)
  • GT eForms™ Highlights (PDF)
  • GT eForms™-PeopleSoft Integration Highlights (PDF)
  • The Gideon Taylor Approach (PDF)