About Gideon Taylor Consulting


If you’ve had a chance to explore our site already, you might have gleaned that we’re pretty excited about what we do. Our passion is helping organizations more fully realize their investment in their Oracle|PeopleSoft technology platforms by using those systems to truly operate more simply, effectively, efficiently and flexibly. That’s what drives us, and we love seeing what organizations are able to achieve with our solutions – dramatically increasing process efficiency, eliminating paper, slashing turnaround times, streamlining workflow and reducing costs.

Headquartered in Pleasant Grove, Utah, Gideon Taylor Consulting is a PeopleSoft consulting and custom solutions provider for business, education and government organizations. Rather than pursuing large-scale ERP implementation and upgrade projects, we have carved out a very specific niche for ourselves – focusing our expertise on helping clients revolutionize business processes through the use of automation and integration technology.

Founded in 2001 by Paul Taylor, our pursuit of maximizing business process efficiencies led to our specialization in workflow, integration technologies, and electronic forms solutions for PeopleSoft, and eventually to the development of our products, including GT eForms™, ePAF™, GT OnBoarding™, GT Expenses™, and GT eTime™. We had seen time and again the tragic underutilization of PeopleSoft as an integrated ERP and realized that most customers spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours only to be able to do with PeopleSoft little more than what their legacy systems were capable of. Most of the productivity of the ERP tool lay untapped.

Delivering on the Promise of ERP Systems

Seeing how little of the promise of ERP systems was being realized in practice, Gideon Taylor began championing the high-end productivity technologies of PeopleTools, including workflow, component interfaces and application messaging (web services). In 2003, we received a contract from Wakefern Food Corporation (NJ) to help them redesign their personnel action workflow. GT eForms™ was developed as a concept at Wakefern—a bolt-on PeopleTools application that would allow the company to replace paper with on-line transactions that had the ability to follow the organization’s actual flow of work. Using the GT eForms™ tool, we created version 1.0 of ePAF™, a set of electronic, workflow-enabled Personnel Action Forms. Wakefern has gone on to use GT eForms™ to create dozens of workflow-enabled electronic forms and self-service applications, automating actions ranging from security requests to benefits enrollment to performance evaluations. eForms automation has truly transformed how Wakefern works, efficiently and accurately processing over 10,000 job change actions every week.

We’ve come a long way since that first generation of GT eForms™. Explore our site to find out more about not only the GT eForms™ framework, but also our innovative Collaborative Community licensing strategy that allows us to share a growing library of eForms-based solutions with our licensees. Our GT eForm Library™ for PeopleSoft HCM, Financials and Campus Solutions includes dozens of business process templates, providing solutions for travel expenses, compensation, time and attendance, security and identity management, recruiting, payment processing, voucher generation, receivables, delegation management and much more.

Today, hundreds of thousands of users benefit from GT solutions every day without even realizing it. Countless hours and innumerable dollars have been saved, and as a result, our clients are working smarter, faster and more efficiently than ever before. If that sounds good to you, give us a call and join the GT eForms™ revolution!