10/18/2010 - Gideon Taylor Announces New Business Process Administration Tool: GT Analytics™
As our clients shift more of their business flow into eForms processes, there is more opportunity to... read more >>
As our clients shift more of their business flow into eForms processes, there is more opportunity to extract valuable and pertinent high-level business information from the GT eForms™ system. To provide our clients easy-to-use access to actionable business intelligence, Gideon Taylor announces the debut release of GT Analytics™.

GT Analytics™ includes several online statistical reports that give an overall view of eForms transactions, and that help management identify training needs and track institutional progress toward ideal efficiency.

  • Baseline Compare – This graphical charting tool allows management to compare a subsection of the organization, like a specific department or members of a given role, against the baseline of the whole organization. Comparison is made on:
    • Average Cycle Time – How long a form takes to go from initiation to system entry.
    • Average Response Time – How long on average the participants in the eForm process take to act on an eForm.
    • Error Rate – What percent of eForms have been in an Error state at some point.
    • Correction Rate – What percent of eForms have been Recycled, Resubmitted, Withdrawn or Denied. An abnormally high rate can indicate a training need.
  • Form Type Distribution – Graphical display of eForm traffic in the organization or a subset thereof by Form Type.
  • Aging Summary – Shows a bar chart of the number of eForms transactions that are in process by how old they are. Combined with operational detail and the ability to drill down into the Admin Tool to approve, reroute or communicate about individual eForms, this is a great tool for keeping business processes flowing freely.

Charts give your managers a visual picture of your automated processes, with graphical comparisons to the broader organization. To enable immediate action on this information, GT Analytics™ enables drill-down to pre-defined or custom transaction reports, and from there to the Admin Tool to act on an individual eForm.

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