08/23/2010 - Good News in Changes to DHS Electronic I-9 Regulations
New federal regulations governing the use of electronic I-9 solutions contain good news for business... read more >>

New federal regulations governing the use of electronic I-9 solutions contain good news for businesses interested in automating the administratively challenging employment verification process. The Department of Homeland Security released their Final Rule on July 22, and it goes into effect today, August 23, 2010.

Gideon Taylor has taken great pains to ensure that our GT Paperless I-9™ product was fully compliant with the Interim Rule released in 2006. With this Final Rule, several stringent requirements are relaxed or eliminated, allowing the GT Paperless I-9™ process to be more streamlined.

  • While the Interim Rule required that a printed receipt be given to each signatory, printed confirmation is now only required when it is requested by the signatory. The confirmation also need not be given immediately, but can be provided a reasonable time following the completion of the I-9. This removes the requirement for the Employer Rep to have a printer available when the transaction is completed, and does away with the irony of an electronic solution that requires a paper receipt.
  • Audit trails for electronic views of the I-9 are no longer required; only for creations, completions, updates, modifications, alterations or corrections.
  • The requirement to allow searches on any data element has been relaxed. The Final Rule requires only that the electronic records be indexed in a manner that allows identification and retrieval of the documents. The Final Rule also made clearer that partially electronic I-9 stores are acceptable, as are migrations between I-9 systems. The Rule also makes clear that the 3-day window for completing Section 2 is in business days.

The GT Paperless I-9™ will retain the functionality to print confirmations and audit views as optional features. These changes make the argument for electronic I-9 processes even more compelling.