05/22/2015 - State of Tennessee Prepares for Go-Live on ePAF™
The State of Tennessee wrapped-up primary development of its new ePAF™ solution earlier this s... read more >>
The State of Tennessee wrapped-up primary development of its new ePAF™ solution earlier this spring, and is targeting late June to begin rollout to all of its more than 43,000 employees.

The project introduced a new approach to the ePAF™ solution. Previously ePAF™ was a suite of three integrated eForms – Hire, Job Change and Status Change. The user launched the appropriate form based on the action they wanted to execute. For the State, those three form processes are now consolidated into a single eForm, making the user experience even easier.

With the new ePAF™ solution, the user simply initiates the process with a ‘Search’ for the employee (based on name or employee ID). If the form doesn’t identify an active Job record, it automatically launches into the Hire process. If the Search returns an active Job record, the form will prompt the user to select what kind of action they want to perform, e.g. job change, termination, leave of absence, etc. The new form process takes full advantage of conditional logic to guide the user through the appropriate steps, and auto-populates as much data as possible so that the user input is minimized to only a few fields for whatever action they’re executing.

In addition to preparing for go-live on ePAF™, the State has also begun modeling their new GT OnBoarding™ solution. The initial phase of their automated onboarding process will focus on the basics. An onboarding portal will be created that will host a Welcome pagelet and video, as well as links to onboarding information and documentation. The new employee will be able to access agency-specific information for their new job through dropdown menus, managed within setup tables. Follow-on phases will include workflow-enabled online forms for I-9, personal data, tax withholding, etc., and will also provide task management for document reviews and employee acknowledgements.

Gideon Taylor is excited to welcome the State to a whole new level of efficiency and process automation!