11/19/2014 - Questar Improves Employee Onboarding Efficiency by 90% with GT OnBoarding™
For more than five years, Questar Corporation, an energy company based in the U.S. Rocky Mountain re... read more >>

For more than five years, Questar Corporation, an energy company based in the U.S. Rocky Mountain region, has had plans to automate its onboarding processes for new employees.

Traditionally, Questar's onboarding process had required an HR specialist to personally travel to each worksite to walk new employees through lengthy paperwork and 'new hire' documentation. It was a costly and time-consuming process.

In May 2014, Questar launched an ambitious 8-week implementation of GT OnBoarding™ to automate its onboarding and orientation process. Questar staff worked closely with Gideon Taylor to implement the portal-based Onboarding Dashboard, including integrated eForms for personal information, W4 tax information, employee policy acknowledgements, and links to existing direct deposit forms and benefits enrollment. The project also introduced voluntary self-ID surveys for veterans and employees with disabilities, and a view for hiring managers and HR to check the progress of an employee's onboarding tasks.

The results have been better than Questar's expectations. Previously, the onboarding process would require three to four hours to be spent with each new employee, walking through the onboarding process and each required document. With GT OnBoarding™, they've been able to reduce that time to fifteen to thirty minutes for an HR specialist (as much as a 90% reduction in time spent on documentation), enabling the new employee to be guided through the process online, and allowing HR to focus on more value-added activities to ensure those employees are acclimated and productive in their new roles as soon as possible.

Questar plans to introduce more automation in the months to come, but we think this is a pretty good start. Welcome aboard, Questar!

Questar Corp. is an integrated natural gas company with an enterprise value of $5.6 billion, headquartered in Salt Lake City. The company develops, produces and delivers clean energy in the heart of the Rockies.