10/02/2014 - NAU Automates Leave Management with GT eForms™
With an average of more than one hundred leave request forms being submitted per day, automating the... read more >>

With an average of more than one hundred leave request forms being submitted per day, automating their Record of Absence paper form had been an objective for Northern Arizona University's HR/Payroll team for quite some time.

GT partnered with the NAU team on the design and development of the Record of Absence (ROA) form as well as some other eForms that NAU had identified. Pam Fleece, HRIS Manager, was happy to have the help. "We were grateful to have Gideon Taylor back on our campus to help us with several automation processes."

With the old process, an employee would complete a paper form requesting vacation or leave. The form would be routed to their supervisor for signature, then passed to a specialist for data entry into PeopleSoft. It was a basic, but tedious process, generating thousands of paper forms throughout the year.

With the new eForm, an employee can submit a leave request for a current or future pay period. Automatic edits check to see if there is balance available for current period requests. If a request for the current period exceeds available balance, a message is displayed and the form will not process. Otherwise, it will route for the manager's approval. For future pay periods, the form will automatically calculate projected accruals, and display those to both the employee and the approving manager. Once the leave is approved, a calendar invite is automatically sent to the manager to reflect that employee's scheduled absence on their calendar.

There's one more automation feature that makes the ROA form as efficient as possible. When a 'future' request reaches the current pay period, an email (using the delivered GT reminder tool) is sent to the employee and the manager if the requested leave time exceeds the current balance. Employees can make adjustments to their request right up to the process date, subject to approval, of course.

On September 3, 2014, NAU went live on their new automated ROA eForm, and has processed 3,311 forms over the past 30 days. They anticipate that an average of over 900 forms will be processed each pay period. The impact has been overwhelmingly positive, with both employees and supervisors commenting on how easy the process is.