01/11/2010 - Gideon Taylor Proudly Sponsors Alliance 2010 Conference In San Antonio
Gideon Taylor is happy to support the higher ed, public sector and federal PeopleSoft user community... read more >>
Gideon Taylor is happy to support the higher ed, public sector and federal PeopleSoft user community by sponsoring the Alliance 2010 conference in San Antonio, Texas, February 28 - March 3. As a Silver Sponsor, Gideon Taylor plays a significant role in the largest PeopleSoft user group conference in the world.

We'll be demonstrating our award-winning workflow and automation solutions on the newest PeopleSoft applications, including the great-looking new PeopleTools 8.5. Conference attendees will see the great combination of GT eForms™ efficiency with the sleek PeopleTools 8.5 look and feel.

We will also unveil new PeopleTools 8.5 extensions to our GT eForms™ suite in our session presentation on Tuesday, March 2nd at 9:30 am in Room 202B. The session information follows.

We hope to see you there!

-- Session Information --

Extreme Makeover, PeopleSoft Edition: Give your Pre-9.1 Apps a Total 8.5 Facelift, Without Mods!

Upgrading your pre-9.1 PeopleSoft application to PeopleTools 8.5 gives your existing app an updated look right away. But many of the best features of 8.5 - like type-ahead lookups on search pages, scrollable grids, mouse-over popup pages, and rich text boxes - require object modifications in App Designer to turn the features on. Do you have to modify dozens of delivered objects, complicating your updates and upgrades, to give your users the Web 2.0 experience they are clamoring for?

This session will show you how to quickly create simplified Quick Entry pages in your pre-9.1 application that use all the great user interface features of PT 8.5, and update the delivered components, without modifying delivered objects. At the same time, you can streamline the user entry process by using only the fields you need, adding custom edits, and even workflow. For example, instead of modifying delivered Job Data to enable type ahead lookups and scrollable grids, you can create a Quick Job Data page that has the Job Data fields you need, with performance-enhancing PT 8.5 features. Users make their changes in the friendly Quick Job Data page, and the transaction is automatically entered in delivered Job Data - without customizing any delivered objects!

We will use GT eForms™ 2.8, Gideon Taylor's bolt-on efficiency toolset for PeopleSoft, to show how quickly you can leverage PeopleTools 8.5 to bring new life to your 8.4, 8.8, 8.9 or 9.0 applications - and even get more value from 9.1. Your customers are going to love the total makeover you can give their PeopleSoft experience!