08/15/2014 - UNC Integrates Personnel Action eForms with New PeopleSoft HCM Rollout
When the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill goes live on its new implementation of PeopleSo... read more >>
When the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill goes live on its new implementation of PeopleSoft HCM this fall, a broad range of personnel actions will be fully automated with GT eForms™ and ePAF™.

Many organizations that implement GT eForms™ have been on PeopleSoft for years, and have recognized the need for workflow-enabled business processes to easily manage changes to person and job data. UNC-CH identified that need during their initial implementation of the HCM suite, and quickly resolved to rectify it before rolling the system out in production. Having originally scoped the work as custom development with the delivered Approval Workflow Engine, the UNC team realized that the amount of custom development work required would exceed their timeframe. With Gideon Taylor's ePAF™ solution, the University saw that it could save significant time and effort, and also leverage the GT eForms™ framework to create and deploy other automation solutions across the University's PeopleSoft Financials and Campus Solutions systems.

The initial scope for HR has included seven eForms to automate a variety of personnel actions, including eForms for 'hiring' affiliates (persons of interest) and changing funding sources for faculty and staff. Five of the seven forms are integrated with the University's budgeting to accurately and automatically update financial impact when necessary. The team has addressed some unique complexities along the way, including configuring the system to accommodate more than 20 stops on certain approval routes, and being able to efficiently manage how the forms behave and present themselves based on a wide variety of user roles and security requirements across 18 different employee groups.

When its PeopleSoft HCM system goes live this fall, the University's staff of more than 12,000 employees will be able to leverage the benefits of GT eForms™ from day one, including ease-of-use, speed, accuracy, and a significant reduction in paper forms. After go-live, UNC-CH is already gathering requirements for two more eForms to efficiently automate the University's processes for performance reviews and annual raises.