07/09/2014 - Simon Fraser University Embraces eForms Automation in a BIG WAY
For Simon Fraser University, selecting an enterprise-wide workflow and electronic forms was a carefu... read more >>
For Simon Fraser University, selecting an enterprise-wide workflow and electronic forms was a careful and deliberate process. Due diligence included not only research on available solutions, but also extensive prototyping to understand the benefits and limitations of each tool. After a competitive evaluation of PeopleSoft-delivered capabilities and third-party solutions, SFU announced their award of Gideon Taylor and GT eForms™ in January 2014.

SFU's initial implementation is a three-pronged approach which includes process automation for a broad range of actions across PeopleSoft HCM, Financials and Campus Solutions. HCM automation includes the implementation of ePAF™ to deliver paperless personnel actions. On the Financials side, SFU has targeted approval automation for the delivered PeopleSoft Expenses module and purchase requests. For Campus Solutions, an automated Grade Change process will be implemented.

For SFU's finance team, improving workflow within the delivered PeopleSoft Expenses module has been high on their list. SFU's current process requires users to enter data in PeopleSoft for cash advances and reimbursements, but then print those pages and manually route for signatures. With their new Expenses eForms, users will be able to enter expense data online within PeopleSoft and route the request online for approval. Once approved, the eForm will automatically populate PeopleSoft's delivered Approve Transaction page for SFU's Payment Services team to do the final review before processing payment.

Similar to the new Expenses processes, SFU's Purchase Request eForm will enable department users to easily and efficiently route purchase requisitions for online approval with PeopleSoft-based eForms. SFU's Procurement Services will then be able to focus on sourcing the right products and services rather than managing paperwork and data entry.

Another great addition for SFU will be the new paperless Grade Change Request eForm, allowing professors to submit grade changes more efficiently than ever before. Once the approval routing is complete, the eForm will automatically update the student's record in PeopleSoft.

According to SFU, the goal of the project is to create an ecologically sustainable, self-service environment that will reduce workload, reduce paper waste, and result in improved customer service. The University will also reduce its legal and financial risk through process standardization, transparency and a complete audit trail for each transaction.

For SFU, it's a big project that promises big rewards and it's just the beginning. They're eager to use this as a launching pad to deliver even more eForms solutions. Automation will significantly enhance their core PeopleSoft systems, increasing value and extending both functionality and usability. For Gideon Taylor, we're excited to be partnering with a client that is embracing eForms automation on such a grand scale. Stay tuned!

About SFU: Simon Fraser University is consistently ranked among Canada's top comprehensive universities and is one of the top 50 universities in the world under 50 years old. Founded in 1965, the University has grown to an enrollment of over 30,000 students. Guided by a vision to be Canada's leading engaged university, SFU engages actively with the community in its research and teaching across three campuses in Vancouver, Burnaby and Surrey.