07/15/2013 - University of British Columbia Launches New Expenses eForms Functionality
The University of British Columbia recently went live with a new component of its Expenses eForms sy... read more >>
The University of British Columbia recently went live with a new component of its Expenses eForms system, the Online Payment Tool (OPT). Replacing manual, paper-based processes, the OPT allows managers to quickly and easily review and approve online expense reports for automated reimbursement.anytime, anywhere!

Dennis Silva, Director of Payment and Procurement Services at UBC, was one of the first to experience the results first hand. "I approved my first on line reimbursement this evening in my hotel room - it was easy, I saw the back up and made comments before I approved the reimbursement," said Silva. "In the old process, the employee would have to wait at least a week for me to return to the office to sign off the paper form and probably another week or more for someone in Payables to process it. With OPT, she will be reimbursed most likely before I come back from my business trip - a happy employee!"

With over 17,000 employees, UBC's Expenses system has been designed to address a wide range of users and approvers across many departments. It has been important to UBC to gain support from a wide range of stakeholders and users throughout the process. "From the outset of this project, one of the guiding principles was to get as much input from customers on the tool as possible," added Silva.

UBC's Expenses eForms solution is the result of a partnership between UBC, Gideon Taylor, and Sierra Systems. Built on the flexible and robust GT eForms™ framework, the solution includes automation of every step of the process, including pre-travel authorizations, approvals for travel advances, online reimbursement forms, SmartPhone and ImageNow integration for imaging and storage of receipts, approval routings with attachment and comment functionality, and integrated payment processing through Payroll or Accounts Payable.