05/15/2013 - Gideon Taylor Expands eForms Solutions for PeopleSoft Financials
PeopleSoft has been a leading software platform for enterprise financial management for years; but a... read more >>
PeopleSoft has been a leading software platform for enterprise financial management for years; but as time has evolved, so has the need for updated and customized technology in financial departments. GT has analyzed the gaps and inefficiencies of PeopleSoft's current applications, and consequently developed several eForms to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of PeopleSoft for financial users. They include the Journal Voucher eForm, Security eForm, Expenses eForms, Receipting eForms, and the Vendor Creation eForm.

The Journal Voucher eForm provides an easy way to request a journal voucher, provide workflow and approval processes, and then have it automatically entered in the system. It replaces what is usually a long, complicated paper process. Normally, departments have to request the movement of funds and get approvals on paper, followed by a typically cumbersome entry page where the paper forms are manually keyed into PeopleSoft. "This [eForm] replaces both the need for the paper to be filled out and manually routed, and the complex entry into complicated pages inside PeopleSoft's very streamlined entry process," says Paul Taylor, CEO of GT. Ultimately, the Journal Voucher eForm takes the user from a complex, generic system, nonspecific to their needs, to an efficient, user-friendly interface customized to suit the needs of the company.

The Security eForm can be used to grant security roles, create user IDs, and grant access inside the financial system. It saves a lot of maintenance time, as well as management of user identity and security in the financial system. The big advantage is that it automates what is usually a paper process, which "speeds the ability to get security to people, making them more productive, faster," says Taylor.

The Expenses eForms solution provides a customized, end-to-end expense management solution within PeopleSoft. Workflow-enabled functionality includes the ability to request and approve travel, issue travel advances, submit reimbursement requests, and automatically create vouchers to reimburse the employees via Accounts Payable or Payroll. These robust solutions include per diem calculations and reimbursements, splitting shared expenses across multiple travelers, custom edits to ensure the expenses are appropriate, tax calculations, and efficient automation of a wide variety of previously manual processes.

The Expenses solution also includes general payable expenses to reimburse requisitions, invoices, and internal payments. As an eForm solution, the front end is completely customizable to accommodate accounts payable. With built-in workflow, clients can have external-facing forms that allow vendors to submit payment requests, route those requests for approval, and automatically create payments once those approvals are made. The eForm solution can manage both travel specific expense reimbursement and general expense reimbursement, making it flexible according to a client's needs. "The type of expenses that can be reimbursed is very flexible so we can provide different types of expense reimbursement requests, depending on the type of transaction you need to automate," Taylor says.

The Receipting eForm is designed to flexibly receive funds and generate receipts from those funds. That includes point-of-sale receipting, cash register entry, deposit management for banks, and integration with GT's Journal Voucher eForm.

Finally, GT has a Vendor Creation eForm for PeopleSoft Financials that enables a vendor to request to be set up as a vendor in the system. Following the online submission, the request goes through an approval process and the vendor is automatically created once approved.

These eForms, and dozens more, revolutionize the experience of PeopleSoft users by creating a more user-friendly, efficient platform from which to work. GT continues to create and discover new ways to innovate the business workplace.