02/04/2013 - Gideon Taylor to Develop Receiving eForms Solution for Global Non-Profit
With casual users around the world receiving contributions and funds, it's critical to have a sy... read more >>
With casual users around the world receiving contributions and funds, it's critical to have a system that EVERYONE can use. A global non-profit that has been using the GT Paperless I-9™ solution for years has contracted Gideon Taylor to create a new GT eForms™-based receipting solution.with some interesting requirements. The organization needed a solution that could be immediately accessible to a broad base of users across multiple locations, required little training, and could provide a user interface that could intelligently apply localized requirements based on the receiving location. And, it needed to seamlessly integrate with the client's PeopleSoft Financials system without looking like PeopleSoft.

The Receiving eForm receives funds and generates a receipt, greatly simplifying the processes the client currently uses.

The client will use the eForm solution to replace three disparate systems they currently use to receive funds in various units throughout their organization. The current approach makes for a complex, inefficient, and rather non-user-friendly system to deal with. In the new eForms solution, the receipting templates will need to change to accommodate certain situations, and for some of their foreign entities they need to have very specific receipt formats printed that match the legal requirements of those countries. All of that needs to integrate with PeopleSoft Financials, so journal entries can be created in the general ledger after the receipts have been entered. Some forms require approval processes, which can be time-consuming. Lastly, the client wanted a completely new 'skin'; they wanted the style of the page to not look at all like PeopleSoft so they could have an updated, more modern look while still within PeopleSoft.

Gideon Taylor is replacing all those systems with one, integrated eForms system that will provide receipting functionality across the whole organization. The new eForms system will standardize the receipting process, and make it much easier for the client to manage because they won't have multiple systems trying to accomplish the same thing. "It will reduce errors because the eForm solution will be collecting the information in the same financial system (PeopleSoft) rather than having to transfer it from spreadsheets or other external applications," says Paul Taylor, Gideon Taylor CEO. "It reduces the complexity of the interface to the financial system, because we're already in the financial system." The new approach will simplify the user experience as it will be more guided, and there will be less steps for the user to go through to create a receipt. Lastly, GT has done "very extensive skinning to get a fresh new look inside PeopleSoft", giving the client the clean, updated appearance for which they've been hoping.

Additionally, "we need to manage bank deposits with approval processes involved," Paul explains further. "We've also added the Journal Voucher eForm, that lets a unit request transfer funds inside of the organization. It creates a journal that moves funds from one area to another." GT also added the ability to do inline approvals, where multiple approvers can sign the form in the same session if all of the signatories are present when the form is filled out. This helps them avoid having to do workflow in certain cases, and increases the efficiency of the approval process.

The Receiving eForm is yet another example of GT's effective responses to the needs of their clients. In this case, the phrase "Simplify, simplify" is being taken to a whole new level; a level of efficiency, simplicity, and success for this client.

Once complete, the Receiving eForm will be added to the GT eForms™ Library and will be available as part of the GT eForms™ Enterprise License with no additional license fees.