09/10/2012 - New eForms added to GT eForm Library for HCM: Tuition Reimbursement, Employee Bonus Awards
Having implemented ePAF™ in 2009 to automate a wide variety of personnel actions, a leading ae... read more >>
Having implemented ePAF™ in 2009 to automate a wide variety of personnel actions, a leading aerospace and defense contractor continues to expand their use of GT eForms™. Recently, they engaged with Gideon Taylor to create two new eForm solutions that are now available as part of the GT eForm Library for PeopleSoft HCM: the Tuition Reimbursement eForm and the Employee Award eForm.

The Tuition Reimbursement eForm enables employees to submit reimbursement requests for educational courses that they're pursuing to enhance their job skills. Employees use the form to submit course information, including the final grade, cost, and any necessary scanned attachments. The form calculates the degree to which the course is eligible for reimbursement based on the grade received, whether it qualifies as a tax deduction, and routes for appropriate approvals. Once final approval is received, the eForm is integrated with Payroll to automatically process the employee's reimbursement.

The Employee Bonus Award eForm automates a long-time (and highly popular!) paper-based program that allows employees to nominate fellow employees for cash awards based on an outstanding accomplishment or job performance. The new eForm is accessible to all employees, and provides the flexibility to nominate either individuals or teams. While on the surface it may seem a somewhat simple business process, the routing becomes uniquely complex when factors such as the number of nominees, dollar amounts being awarded, award thresholds, and countless combinations of business units, offices, and approvers are involved.

Paul Taylor, Gideon Taylor CEO, commented, "GT eForms™ provides a very flexible and extensible development platform for workflow and self-service applications inside PeopleSoft, and we were confident that our team of consultants could develop anything [the client] needed. We have a lot of experience automating robust and complex business processes."

Once all necessary approvals are obtained, the Award eForm goes to payroll, automatically adding the award amount to the employee's paycheck. As one more "nice-to-have", the form also allows the nominating employee to print an attractive award certificate that can display the amount that was awarded, the achievement or reason for the nomination, and other details.

As part of Gideon Taylor's ongoing commitment to extend the value of GT eForms™ solutions through community solution sharing, both eForm templates are available at no additional cost as part of the GT eForms™ Enterprise License.