08/23/2012 - University of Missouri System to Automate Personnel Actions and Employee Onboarding with Gideon Taylor
With a network of four campuses, an associated hospital, and a central system office, the University... read more >>
With a network of four campuses, an associated hospital, and a central system office, the University of Missouri System has selected Gideon Taylor and its GT eForms™ solutions to significantly improve the efficiencies of a variety of business processes around its existing PeopleSoft HCM, Financials, and Campus Solutions systems. The University will kick-off the initiatives in September, starting with the automation of personnel actions.

Partnering with the Gideon Taylor team, the University System will be implementing the ePAF™ (electronic Personnel Action Forms) suite to automate a wide variety of employee-related actions from 'hire to retire', including promotions, demotions, transfers, pay changes, terminations, leaves of absence, and many others. For Missouri, it was important that the solution enable the campuses and the hospital to maintain a degree of autonomy with their unique business requirements, workflow, and look-and-feel of the system. ePAF™ will allow the University System to deploy a solution that meets a broad range of needs, and which can be expanded to automate other business processes beyond personnel actions.

Following the implementation of ePAF™, the University plans to implement GT OnBoarding™, including Paperless I-9™ with E-Verify Integration™, to create a seamless hiring and onboarding experience for both the University and its new employees.

The project poses an exciting opportunity to significantly improve how the University delivers employee services. When the system goes live, personnel actions will be executed faster, easier, and more accurately than ever before, saving valuable time, effort, paper, and budget dollars. A hearty welcome to the University of Missouri team!