06/18/2012 - Biggest GT Product Release in Three Years - GT eForms™ 2.9!
Yes, it is finally here - a new version of GT eForms™ that includes advances powerful enough t... read more >>
Yes, it is finally here - a new version of GT eForms™ that includes advances powerful enough to elevate it above the landmark GT eForms™ 2.8 release.

More feature detail will be published soon, but here is a high-level look at what makes 2.9 so special:

  • GT Avalon™ Skin - We've heard it many times - "The eForms are great, but can you make them look less like PeopleSoft?" The answer is "Yes!" The new GT Avalon™ skin for eForms brings a sleek, contemporary Web 2.0 look and feel to GT eForms™. Using just the right touch of HTML5 (requires PT 8.5x and a recent browser), GT Avalon™ produces centered, subtly 3D form pages, highlighted by new icon art. From core office to public portal, your users will love it!
  • Simplified Development - Our goal: enable development of a basic eForm without writing PeopleCode. To achieve this we've pushed more functionality into the framework, delivering more eForms power with much less coding. The result? More eForm solutions for your organization with less technical training required!
  • GT Form Forge™ - Yes, we saved the best new feature for last. What if you could stand up a full custom electronic form application inside PeopleSoft - with workflow, custom navigation pages, the works - in thirty minutes? That's right, minutes instead of weeks. The new GT Form Forge™ lets you do just that. Starting from basic templates, the Forge walks you through an automated search, replace and create process that produces custom-named records, pages, components, menus, portal registry structures, even PeopleCode, and makes them immediately available in PeopleSoft. You can then easily customize your new eForm with the fields you want.

As an early adopter of the new GT eForms™ 2.9 release, the University of Utah is on the cutting edge of eForms development and has already begun leveraging the new GT Form Forge™ as part of their current eForm expansion project. The results are extraordinary. Using the Forge to create new eForms for Mass Salary Changes, Person-of-Interest, Security, Additional Pay, and Cell Phone Renewal, the University has saved weeks of development effort per eForm. You can literally build a new eForm application faster than you can mock one up!

Watch our GT News page for a video of the GT Form Forge™ in action. Each of these features is a revolutionary step forward in eForms development for PeopleSoft. Combined, they make GT eForms™ 2.9 the biggest eForms release ever. Call us to discuss how to get 2.9 working for your organization.