04/09/2012 - GT Announces New Training and Certification Programs
With the release of GT eForms™ 2.9 right around the corner, Gideon Taylor has been developing ... read more >>
With the release of GT eForms™ 2.9 right around the corner, Gideon Taylor has been developing a new training program to help organizations make the most of its capabilities. Technical resources at the University of Utah just completed a very successful pilot training course using the new materials.

When complete, the new materials will facilitate both instructor-led and self-study training courses. Delivered in the cloud, the curricula include learning modules that teach concepts and steps, present hands-on activities, and test progress with module quizzes. Supporting online videos help cement the concepts.

The new training program will include the following five courses:

  • GT Solution Support - Build simple eForms from scratch (no PeopleCode or PS integration), and maintain and troubleshoot basic configuration of existing GT eForms™ applications
  • GT Technical - Build full-featured eForms, including PeopleCode (no PS integration)
  • GT Senior Technical - Build complex GT eForms™ applications, including integration to PeopleSoft and other systems
  • GT Functional - Configure and maintain new and existing eForms-based business processes, including workflow routings and email notifications
  • GT Senior Functional - Design, configure and extend robust eForms business solutions using advanced GT constructs (Visual IFs, Filters, SmartSources)

There will be a GT Certification available matching each course. The Certifications include both a test component and a project component. GT Certification means that the certified resource is ready to add significant value to their organization using the GT toolset.

More information will be made available as the curricula for the courses are completed