11/14/2011 - University of British Columbia Simplifies Expense Reimbursement with GT eForms™
For years, the University of British Columbia recognized that its reimbursement and vendor payment p... read more >>
For years, the University of British Columbia recognized that its reimbursement and vendor payment processes were cumbersome and offered limited ability to proactively track and manage associated spend. These included reimbursements to employees for travel and out-of-pocket expenses, payments to vendors, and payments of Professional Development funds for UBC employees. With a volume of over 250,000 transactions annually, improving this business process became a key goal for the University. After extensive evaluation of travel expense and reimbursement systems, UBC selected Gideon Taylor to develop a Reimbursement and Payment eForm solution for them.

The new eForm is designed to accomplish many business objectives for the University, while also providing a significantly easier and more intuitive user experience for the traveler. Users will now have the ability to submit multiple expense requests for a single trip while tracking the total cost associated with the trip. Travelers can also easily create templates of their "Favorite" trips and expenses in order to schedule repeated transactions easily.

One of the primary goals for the project has been a simplified user experience. This eForm solution will allowusers to complete expense reports in only a few minutes by hiding the complexities of the process from them. With the design of the new eForms, however, UBCis looking forward to realizing other significant benefits. The new system will effectively support five discreet payment-related business processes with a singleeForm by conditionally displaying the required information, driven by the user's selections. In addition to managing travel expenses, users will be able to request approval for Professional Development funds, submit the same for payment, and reconcile transactions for the UBC Travel and Expense Card.

In addition to the eForm solution for travel expenses, the University is also implementing a Vendor Registration eForm. This eForm will automate the process of registering companies to do business with the University, enabling the process to be initiated by the vendors themselves.After a vendor self-provisioning and registration process, workflow approvals and email notifications will move the request through to automated vendor creation inside of PeopleSoft.

For UBC,the project promises huge wins all the way around. The Vendor eForm will help to empower prospective business partners for the University and broaden UBC's pool of qualified vendors. The new Reimbursement and Payment eForm will help the business offices better track and manage spend associated with travel expenses, saving both cost and effort. University travelers will save time, headaches and keystrokes with a significantly improved and far easierprocess for expense approvals and reimbursement.

The UBC eForm will expand upon the Vendor eForm template in Gideon Taylor's GT eForm Library, which was created at the City of Boston. It will be completed as part of the scheduled Payment eForm project.