09/01/2011 - City of Boston Improves Efficiency, Reduces Paper with GT eForms™
In September 2011, the City of Boston successfully went “live” on its first suite of GT ... read more >>
In September 2011, the City of Boston successfully went “live” on its first suite of GT eForms™-based electronic forms, designed to improve business efficiencies and reduce paper associated with a variety of paper-based transactions within its human resources and finance operations. The City is already realizing significant benefits in how itdelivers services to its employees.

With over 20,000 employees, the City of Boston serves more than 618,000 residents through its municipal government and public schools. Since 1999, the City has used PeopleSoft as its core system for managing human capital and financials. Even with the benefit of PeopleSoft's robust functionality, the City still continued to rely heavily on paper-based processes for many of its business transactions. These paper forms varied in complexity and required a variety of approval processes, followed by manual data entry into the City's ERP (PeopleSoft) applications. The City consistently faced challenges in tracking the transactions, managing the approval processes, and controlling the quality and accuracy of data.

In 2010, the City started a process to identify and implement an online forms solution. The City's primary objectives were to reduce paper-based processes, employ best practices to improve operating efficiencies, and ensure data quality. Early in 2011, the City selected Gideon Taylor's GT eForms™ to address its requirements for an integrated workflow and online forms solution. Starting with ePAF™ (Personnel Action Forms), the City implemented a variety of delivered and custom eForms to replace its paper-based processes and enhance its existing PeopleSoft functionality. The Hire eForm replaced multiple paper forms, providing the ability to directly update Personal and Job Data within PeopleSoft while also creating additional pay records, Medical and Leave plan enrollments, General deductions for union dues and initial tax records. Once these functions were incorporated, the City was able to deliver anessentially complete hire package in one eForm.

In addition to the ePAF™ suite, the City created a Budget Amendment eForm that provides the ability to add positions during the fiscal year. It also provided a valuable method for Boston Public Schools to manage overtime payments by creating an online workflow and approvals process for the request andsubmission of overtime. The City is also creating a Vendor eForm for its PeopleSoft Financials system. Accessible via the City's website, the Vendor eForm will allow current vendors to update existing information and potential vendors to submit requests to establish new business relationships with the City.

Through GT eForms, the City is delivering exciting new automation and efficiency solutions, some of which had been hoped for since its original implementation of PeopleSoft more than twelve years ago.