12/17/2010 - Northern Arizona University ePAF™ Go-Live Highlights New GT eForms™ Features
Northern Arizona University (NAU) has gone to Production with their ePAF™ solution (called ePA... read more >>
Northern Arizona University (NAU) has gone to Production with their ePAF™ solution (called ePAR at NAU), cementing the success of the joint NAU / GT project team's efforts. The go-live is on schedule and in time for the semester rush coming in January. Use will begin with the HR group next week, department training will occur in January, and the campus-wide phased rollout will be complete by June.

The project team scored a huge win by completely automating the very complex Compensation Rate calculations. Previously, due to the variety of Compensation Frequencies as well as other data values specific to their business, this rate had to be calculated by hand using complex spreadsheets, and was still often wrong; resulting in re-calcuations by the HR group or, in some instances, incorrect pay amounts and cumbersome retroactive pay and benefit changes. Now this time-consuming and error-prone process is entirely automated. The user enters one value, and the Compensation Rate is calculated behind the scenes, inside the eForms.

Another remarkable achievement by the project team was supporting all of NAU's complex and conditional approval steps using only one Approval Route! This was accomplished with the heavy use of Visual IFs and SmartSources, two powerful tools in the GT Workflow Parts Gallery. SmartSources are reusable data source definitions that can pull information from queries, page fields, or PeopleCode methods for use in workflow routings. (For example, what is the form subject's tenure status?) Visual IFs are reusable logic statements that can use SmartSources to make a decision. (For example, if the form subject is tenured, stop at the Provost's Office for approval.)

This accomplishment highlights the power of the GT eForms™ 2.8 Parts Gallery, and positions NAU to easily maintain their single approval path, and expand their workflow routings by reusing the information and logic they've already defined.

The single Approval Route may not have been possible without Cathy Snow, HR Assistant Director and a key project team member. She took on the challenge of simplifying the approval process. She personally interviewed each approver and asked them, "Why are you signing this?" In several cases the reasons no longer existed, or no longer would once the process was automated. These approvers then asked to be removed, simplifying and streamlining the business processes.

We would like to congratulate NAU for a highly successful project that will pay dividends for years to come!